Understated Quality in a Turkish Style

Custom Built Woodlands

Custom Built Woodlands

Custom Built Woodlands (click to download)

By John Videnieks

Noce travertine, usually sourced from Turkey, is extremely dense and has a variety of dappled natural colours, making it an ideal facia material in any environment. This is especially so in the leafy suburb of Woodlands. It defines this Signature Custom Homes development with an understated elegance.

The quality is evident but it is not overt, it doesn’t demand attention; it simply stands as a fact. After all, the street elevation, the immediately visible part of the home, belies the fact that there are two storeys more to the final composition of the home.

Owners Ryanto Husodo and Swanny Tanato were attracted to the block because of its elevated and sloping nature. The slope is down the hill and offers views over adjacent parklands. Thus the home is stepped down and the “third” storey is an
undercroft at the bottom of the building. A driveway along the southern side leads down to the three-car garage.

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