The vision of transparency.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a transparent life in every sense of the word. A life where your visions were shared by anyone that happened to be watching or just passing by? Welcome to the S-House

Located in Saitama in Japan, the “S-House” was designed by the architectural studio Japanese Yuusuke Karasawa Architects. The structure looks like a house that can unfold like an accordion. Transparency reveals five floors connected by small white stairs and beams intersect. This transparent house was commissioned by a client who wanted to witness the lack of privacy in the Internet age.yuusukekarasawa1 yuusukekarasawa4yuusukekarasawa2yuusukekarasawa6yuusukekarasawa7 yuusukekarasawa9yuusukekarasawa3yuusukekarasawa10

Located near the Omiya station in Saitama, the ‘S-house’ by Japanese practice yuusuke karasawa architects represents the simultaneous diversity and order that is ever present in our cyber lives. A central datum of vertical circulation splits opposing 50 m2 platforms that intertwine in the center. What seems like a simple stacking of planes reveals itself to be a rather complex network of diagonal surfaces terminating into one another resulting in an intricate path of circulation from the basement level to the rooftop deck. Offset voids in the floor plates bring yet another layer of complexity to the home allowing access to additional functions.

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